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PressureBall is a tennis ball pressurizer tube that ensures tennis balls will never lose their bounce. This clever invention will save you money as your tennis balls remain usable for much, much longer. And you’ll know that every time you head onto the court your balls will perform like new.


  • Restores life to old tennis balls
  • The clever design means no pressure leakage
  • Pressurizer tube keeps tennis balls at 14 psi
  • The tube holds up to eight tennis balls
  • Lightweight, Portable, Flexible and Tough
  • Saves you money

Buy x2 Tubes – GET 1 FREE PUMP
Buy x3 Tubes – GET 2 FREE PUMPS

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*1 Year Warranty and Money-back Guarantee: We stand behind our product 100%. If there are any problems with it, or if you are not happy with the performance of the tube for any reason, I will provide a full replacement or your money back.

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What Everyone Is Saying  About PressureBall

I’m still using the original PressureBall tubes which I purchased 3 years ago, and, they are still working well and are still doubling the usage of our tennis balls. I’ll look forward to receiving the new tubes and clamps soon.

Paul (Australia)

I am a repeat customer. Great product. I don’t like throwing out good balls after one use. By adding pressure to the ball, it plays like new. An environmentally good thing because it reduces waste.

George (USA)

It works exactly as claimed and is showing no signs of deteriation. The quality of craftsmanship and materials is exceptional! Thank you for putting so much care into your product. I’ve recommended it to many friends.

Todd (Canada)

I´m very pleased with my PressureBall tubes. I use it for both tennis and padel balls and it works great! The equipment is for sure a great sustainable solution and should be used all over the globe. I have recommended it to several racket friends in Gothenburg area, Sweden.

Hans (Sweden)

I absolutely believe in pressure ball! They defiantly do the job of keeping the balls aired up! Thank you!”

Amber (USA)

The PressureBall tube works well. I was able to reuse balls that I would have thrown away. On average I estimate it can save me about $4 every two weeks or $8/month.

Zach (USA)

I just want to endorse this product. I recently used balls that had been stored in my PressureBall tube for over two months and they were as good a new! Fantastic product!

Jevon (New Zealand)

Thank you for standing by your product. Excellent communication and customer support. I messed mine up which was my fault and Barry went above and beyond to make me happy. Thanks so much for this great product.

Chuck (USA)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how happy I am with your product. The tubes are high quality and work so well. They are such great value and have saved me heaps of $$$$$ buying new balls. Keep up the great work.

Greg (Australia)

I purchased a PressureBall in the fall. I’m impressed. It is well made and well thought out. The balls I’ve been messing with were quite dead, and I can certainly see the pressure coming back. It is sort of strange to see a ball that is worn on the outside but with new pressure!

Lance (Australia)

Since I bought the PressureBall tube I have not had to discard a tennis ball for losing bounce. Storing them in the PressureBall tube ensures they bounce as new until they need to be discarded due to felt loss. Tennis balls, therefore, last significantly longer when stored in the PressureBall tube. Fab product thanks.

Rajeev (UK)

A terrific product at a great price (which includes shipping!). Simple to use and very portable. And usable for 8 balls – not just 3-4. It does exactly what Barry says: It will keep new balls new, and rejuvenate old ones. I’ve been using mine for years; no end in sight. Highly recommended.

Fredric (UK)

I like your Pressureball very much and it’s indispensable to me now. The biggest advantage of your Pressureball is its flexibility. It’s easy to carry.

Yasushi (Japan)

It ‘s an amazing product, very nice quality. I’ m using the same set of balls for 4 months and they still bounce great

Oswaldo (Brazil)


Have you read the Frequently Asked Questions?

I’ve answered many common questions about PressureBall on the FAQs page.