What is Padel? 


Are you tired of spending money on padel balls because they lose their bounce? Discover the secret that keeps Padel balls bouncing like new.








What is Padel?


Padel is the fastest growing racket sport in the world. Already very popular in Spain and Latin America, the game is quickly attracting new players around the globe. Padel clubs are opening in the UK, Germany, France, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, and the United States and Padel is being used in tennis clubs, tennis academies, sport and leisure centers, hotels, luxury hotels & resorts, golf clubs, condominiums and Leisure Centers to increase their sport offer. 

Padel is a mix of tennis and squash and is only played in doubles. Is counted according to the rules of tennis, the walls are involved in the game. The padel is approximately a half of a tennis court and is surrounded on all sides by glass and meshed panels. As with the tennis court the Padel Court is divided by a netting in two halves. It is played with tennis balls and special racquets designed for Padel.


PressureBall Tube

Introducing PressureBall, the most economical Padel ball pressurizer that stops Padel balls going flat. Plus it revives flat Padel balls to bounce like new again.

    PressureBall is a Padel ball pressurizer tube that ensures new tennis balls will never go flat*. By storing them in PressureBall the balls will keep bouncing like brand new balls, until the felt wears out! This helps passionate Padel players save money as your Padel balls won’t go flat, so they’ll remain usable for much, much longer.


    Frequently asked questions

    I´m very pleased with my PressureBall tubes. I use it for both tennis and padel balls and it works great! The equipment is for sure a great sustainable solution and should be used all over the globe. I have recommended it to several racket friends in Gothenburg area, Sweden.




    Watch How Simple PressureBall is to Use


    What is the difference padel vs tennis ball? 

    Tennis balls and padel balls effectively differ only in terms of their internal pressure when new. That being 14psi for new tennis balls versus 11psi for new padel balls. They are made from the same materials, in the same ratio, by the same manufacturers.For this reason Padel players find that the tennis balls they use also go flat over time .

    Once again PressureBall addresses this problem by ensuring that Padel  balls are always at the correct playing pressure .This becomes more important for Padel since the felt on the balls lasts longer than for standard tennis balls meaning that even more money can be saved , with even less waste and environmental impact , by keeping existing balls at the correct pressure .


    Want to save money on Padel balls?

    The best way to save money on Padel balls is to get the most out of the balls you already have. Instead of replacing your Padel balls because they’ve gone flat and no longer bounce properly, just store them in a PressureBall tube and they’ll always bounce like new. That means you can keep using your Padel balls until the felt wears out!

    PressureBall holds up to 8 Padel balls, making it the most economical Padel ball pressurizer on the market.


    Restore the Life to Flat Padel Balls

    Do you have old Padel balls that still look good, but have gone flat? You can restore them by putting them in a PressureBall tube. Store them for a few days in PressureBall and you’ll see them bouncing like new again.

    Warning! While PressureBall has been tested up to 35 psi, it is not recommended to store Padel balls at that pressure. Most soft tennis balls will collapse at pressures above 25 psi. And if new balls are stored above 11 psi they will develop too much bounce. We recommend 11 psi for maintaining perfect bounce of your Padel balls and 14 psi for tennis balls.



    Lightweight, Portable, Flexible, yet Tough

    PressureBall is a world-first. The flexible tube is lightweight, yet still robust. It’s easy to carry and is made to last. The tube is industrially made from a three-layer heat-sealed structure. The inner and outer layers of film are each made of a complex co-extruded plastic, which gives the film a very high barrier to air – meaning it doesn’t lose its pressure.

    This co-extruded plastic film also incorporates strong abrasion-resistant micro-layers, which gives PressureBall its high durability. You can drop it on the Padel court, or throw it in the back of the car. It’s tough and can handle it.


    Easy to Use

    You’ll find PressureBall super easy to use. Simply drop the balls in, attach the clamp, then pump it up to 11 psi with a hand pump that has a gauge. No wing nuts to lose or fiddly screws to do up. You can buy one of our pumps, or use any pump that has a gauge and fits a standard car or bicycle tyre.



    With PressureBall you can be confident that your Padel balls will perform at their optimum level, every time.

    “My only regret is that I did not buy three more of the tubes so I could do more balls! Thanks very much!”

    Tom, USA

    “I like your Pressureball very much and it’s indispensable to me now. The biggest advantage of your Pressureball is its flexibility. It’s easy to carry.”

    Yasushi, Japan

    “I’ve been using my PressureBall for 4 months, and it performs exactly as advertised! … I’ve tried many different tennis ball pressurizers, including ones I made myself, and I can say the design of PressureBall is the best! For simplicity, ease of use and price, I can’t envision a better solution. Thanks for engineering this with attention to detail!”

    Bill Van Horne, USA

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    Have you read the Frequently Asked Questions?

    I’ve answered many common questions about PressureBall on the FAQs page.