The Most Economical Tennis Ball Saver that keeps tennis balls bouncing like new.

Nothing will revive tennis balls faster
than PressureBall.

Easy To Use

Lightweight, Portable And Tough

Restores Life To Old Tennis Balls

Saves You Money

Tennis Players Are Loving PressureBall

PressureBall is a great little invention that is easy to use and keeps my tennis balls like new. I’ve saved heaps of money not having to buy new balls all the time – would recommend to all tennis players!”

Rachel (Australia)

I just want to endorse this product. I recently used balls that had been stored in my PressureBall tube for over two months and they were as good a new! Fantastic product!

Jevon (New Zealand)

I purchased a PressureBall in the fall. I’m impressed. It is well made and well thought out. The balls I’ve been messing with were quite dead, and I can certainly see the pressure coming back. It is sort of strange to see a ball that is worn on the outside but with new pressure!

Lance (Australia)

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