The Most Economical Tennis Ball Saver that keeps tennis balls bouncing like new



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Losing money on tennis balls because they go flat?

By storing them in PressureBall the balls will keep bouncing like brand new balls, until the felt wears out! This clever invention will save you money as your tennis balls remain usable for much, much longer. And you’ll know that every time you head onto the court your balls will perform like new.

The common problem with most tennis ball pressurizers is that they leak air, causing the pressure to slowly decrease and they can’t revive pressure back to 14 psi. PressureBall’s clever design means it will not leak during proper use.

Holding 8 tennis balls, PressureBall is the most economical tennis ball pressurizer on the market. Using PressureBall will save you money because your tennis balls remain usable for much, much longer.
How is PressureBall Made?

Easy To Use

Lightweight, Portable And Tough

Restores Life To Old Tennis Balls

Saves You Money

Tennis Players Are Loving PressureBall

PressureBall is a great little invention that is easy to use and keeps my tennis balls like new. I’ve saved heaps of money not having to buy new balls all the time – would recommend to all tennis players!”

Rachel (Australia)

I just want to endorse this product. I recently used balls that had been stored in my PressureBall tube for over two months and they were as good a new! Fantastic product!

Jevon (New Zealand)

I purchased a PressureBall in the fall. I’m impressed. It is well made and well thought out. The balls I’ve been messing with were quite dead, and I can certainly see the pressure coming back. It is sort of strange to see a ball that is worn on the outside but with new pressure!

Lance (Australia)

How is PressureBall made?

PressureBall is a world-first. The flexible tube is lightweight, yet still robust. It’s easy to carry and is made to last. The tube is industrially made from a three-layer heat-sealed structure. The inner and outer layers of film are each made of a complex co-extruded plastic, which gives the film a very high barrier to air – meaning it doesn’t lose its pressure.

This co-extruded plastic film also incorporates strong abrasion-resistant micro-layers, which gives PressureBall its high durability. You can drop it on the tennis court, or throw it in the back of the car. It’s tough and can handle it.

PressureBall is a Tennis Ball Pressurizer Tube that ensures new tennis balls will never lose their bounce.

I’m still using the original PressureBall tubes which I purchased 3 years ago, and, they are still working well and are still doubling the usage of our tennis balls. I’ll look forward to receiving the new tubes and clamps soon.

Paul (Australia)

I am a repeat customer. Great product. I don’t like throwing out good balls after one use. By adding pressure to the ball, it plays like new. An environmentally good thing because it reduces waste.

George (USA)

It works exactly as claimed and is showing no signs of deteriation. The quality of craftsmanship and materials is exceptional! Thank you for putting so much care into your product. I’ve recommended it to many friends.

Todd (Canada)

BUY NOW and keep your balls bouncing like new!

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1 Tube + 1 Pump

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Save $10.00
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2 Tubes + FREE Pump

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Save $24.00

3 Discounted Tubes + FREE Pump


Buy 2 Tubes and get 1 FREE pump. Buy 3 tubes and get 1 FREE pump and discounted tubes.

Free Shipping to New Zealand Included*

* The PressureBall pump is small, compact and accurate at low pressure. You can use your own pump BUT large high-pressure bike pumps can be very inaccurate at lower pressures, resulting in too much stress on the tube. They can also shock load the tube seams if pumped too fast. We do not offer a warranty if your tube is damaged when using any pump other than the one we supply.






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